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The gear housing crusher machine is further

Means for oscillating the agitator II] are provided by suitable oscillatin mechanism generally indicated at 16 which, in this construction, is carried in a gear housing 12 disposed at the bottom and bolted to the rotatable tub 8 to increase the mass thereof. This oscillating mechanism is preferably directly operated by the inner vertically disposed rotatable shaft 40 which has .a driven pulley 14 secured thereto at its lower end, the same being continuously rotated in one direction by a motor 16 when energized, by means of a belt 18. The gear housing 12 is further provided with a downwardly projecting hub portion concentric with the shaft means and rigidly secured to the upper end of the outer tubular shaft 42 by means of pins 8|, while the lower end of the shaft means 46 and 42 are mounte



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