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The falling market is a rational regression

The falling market is a rational regression , foam squeezed out sooner or later . Now a large number of second-tier cities still maintain high prices , or increased slightly, even if all of the city's property market is in decline , but also far from the level back to 2005 , when the central and local governments have agreed that the price artificially high, and exclaimed, soaring prices will underrun people's livelihood , and now the price is still far from the price back to that time , developers and some local government conspiracy bailout , this only shows that Christian Louboutin has been a group of Lee as the counsel , the right to use for its own interest group dominated by a group of people live or die regardless of insatiable interest group manipulation.
I remember early last year , Louboutin 's real estate heavyweights Ren said: Let the dream to enter the property market turning point , a lot of people see the exact property slump , but they will be disappointed . It now appears that Ren is probably disappointed them !
When everyone can only afford to buy even go bankrupt , the real estate developers hoarse shout You will not help. This should not buy a house, buy a house have been throwing their money greedy developers, the rest of the potential buyers who simply can not afford the down payment or get out of the mortgage , the property market has only one way : Wait fall ! And will fall even worse ! Christian Louboutin : Who Rich Who poor ? ( A )
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