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The current real estate market very irregular

The current real estate market very irregular, such as hoarding , illegal subscription , Internal and executives illegal speculation and other non-market , non- normal behavior has seriously disrupted the market order , several ministries may forced by the pressure of high-level joint on the market severely punished. This is undoubtedly respond to popular move , terrible thunder, little rain . If the competent authorities to focus on the so-called real estate market order rectification , and certainly is palliative occasional behavior . http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/cheap-christian-louboutin.html Even dealt with a number of properties typical of violations, but also about a temporary safeguard market order , but not fundamentally reverse the gap between supply and demand in the real estate market , unable to contain soaring prices further in the future .
Against skyrocketing prices, ministries are pitching has been , over time , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/christian-louboutin.html what kind of policy or sudden news , but every time after they are a Daoteng , prices will whizzing up channeling , so what good does it show , developers already know your real purpose is not to curb housing prices , people are gradually waking up, policy makers , will you spare the city's people now ! World famous Citibank, Merrill Lynch due to the impact of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis , there has been huge losses, a serious blow to Western financial investment. Wolf has finally come ! Our banks on a large scale in recent years the share reform , greatly complements the capital , stripping a large number of non-performing assets , it looks nice view ! However, the nature of our bank has not changed fundamentally , management and operation of the risks and problems did not rule , the business scope is very narrow , still concentrated rely on the traditional deposit and lending business. Especially toward the crazy hot real estate industry, the short term, it seems good quality real estate loans , non-performing loan rate of less than 5% of individual housing loans NPL ratio lower , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/christian-louboutin-outlet.html only 1.5%. Internationally, the bank loan conditions and qualifications in the review , the most important, is the first source of repayment of the lender , that income, cash flow , repayment ability and credit and other conditions. Although many of these banks as banks review the first condition , however , due to the banks for mortgage lending this quality assets to compete very intense ; few years ago, real estate financial risks, although often economics family and financial experts mentioned , but , so far, the real estate financial risks are still scenery here is fine ! Many banks have always believed that prices can only rise to the myth , in practice does not attach importance to the lender the first source of repayment , the banks to focus only on the so-called collateral and the loan amount is proportionate . In other words, a common problem in many banks , the risk is guarded by a loan before crossing to the disbursement . The lending risk can grasp is maintained , largely depends on how cash recovery rate Gaobu Gao . This relates to a core issue in full and the timely realization of housing . At the time when the real estate market bullish , which naturally no problem ; once the real estate market into a bear market , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/christian-louboutin-shoes.html prices fell by up , the situation is different . This is mainly because the current bank personal loans , is largely based on the current real estate market, housing market prices ( Strictly speaking, the market transaction price ) , again on a certain percentage of down payment to determine. The crux of the matter , the market transaction price is often unreliable , can easily lead to systemic risk personal loans banks . According to international experience, personal mortgage exposure period is usually three to eight years. Of individual housing loan business is booming up only in recent years , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/christian-louboutin-sale.html which is to say, Christian Louboutin's banking industry has begun to enter the mortgage risk initially apparent period. Superposition of these two factors together, the increase in non-performing loans mortgage , the next few years will certainly focus on the outbreak . The reason that some banks mortgage little risk , there are two reasons : First, the audit opinion of the lenders strict risk control based on doing a good job ; Second, because there is collateral mortgage , businessmen land , personal loans have a house , at least Bank can recover the costs.
In fact , our bank is very strict internal control mechanisms , such as the so-called proof of income is totally a waste . Most importantly , land, real estate and other collateral valuation of the stock market comes complete with the property , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/replica-christian-louboutin.html once the real estate into a downward spiral , real estate prices may even be shrunk to half the price of the original assessment or even 30% , in which case the bubble economy burst after the financial crisis in Southeast Asia after Japan, and Hong Kong region have occurred .



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