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Time flies, over the past 30 years, the students also went to the retirement age. Only from the National Peking University, Fudan two journalism department into more than 600 colleges and universities to open journalism, is constantly enrollment, does not wash mud radish fast, the kind of careful scholarship, indefatigable attitude was not much to listen to. Is 77 for students, through the entrance into the university, it's also true mass generation mentor, really lucky plus lucky. Since a period of Replica Belt folk football insight concern themselves into action, planning launch a campus football activities. Activities, they saw that I respected and Zhang Jing Chen Cheng of two veterans day, listen to them on the year past and today resigned. Chen Cheng of Cheap Belts was the first session of the new national team, succeeding the late 1950s as the national team coach Josef Hungary, he served as a member of FIFA and the AFC Technical Committee First Vice-President. Presbyterian busy talking is not tight, but often sharply, so not everyone want to hear. Yesterday afternoon, the campus football development forum, Chen Chengda, said: I was beginning to like from the fourth grade to play http://exploitr.com/?p=114915



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