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the best option is of course the wolf

In the current context, the best option is of course the wolf outside the block in the fold , do not believe it can unplug it after entering the gift of the gab . That is, the fuel tax to obtain the trust of the people the best way is to put before the public the specific content of the program to ensure that the public 's right to information and participation in public policy discussion of rationality , to prevent monopoly profits tax of ; same time, through formal ways to give to the people questioned , the official explained , rather than relying solely on the so-called experts to spread rumors , but do not produce mature rice uncooked rice rogue logic. To compensate for the shortcomings of procedural justice , which is the fuel tax to save their credibility necessary institutional prerequisite .
But these are not enough , you also need to ensure that the fuel tax does not face the supporting measures. If the fuel tax is true, as the market rumors to catch on December 1 before the introduction , we believe that the following supporting measures must urgently develop :



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