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The best is to find his childhood classmates

The best is to find his childhood classmates or playmates look . If it is not the cause of trauma , it is easy to handle , and this shows that he 's no reason why you should be about living together , there may be other reasons , including his love for you is not enough , or there are other more important things waiting for him do it. Including the possibility of another girlfriend. It is entirely possible through communication, to resolve. If he really does love you so much , or not to heat , so you do not need to worry . Haste makes waste reason to believe you will understand. Now the question is , if it came from because naughty sexual dysfunction leads , how do you do ? That is the key issue. You're so in love with him , maybe he loves you , why do not reject you, tell you , they are afraid to hurt you. In this case , how do ? This is a problem . Involves two aspects , sexless marriage, you are able to endure life , whether married without children do the mental preparation ? These two issues can not be avoided . While childless marriage , now seems not much of a problem , the core of the problem is the former. This is really for you to consider good . If you do such a preparation, then you can seriously talk to him , and to dispel his concerns. Otherwise , it's best to let this feeling go slowly faded , turned into memories. My relationship with him due to the awareness of the work , and done a few years confidant , and finally in my lovelorn pain with him across the bottom line. At that time , he did not think that we will come to that . Because in his mind, we are not only big age gap ( he was nearly 20 years old than me ) , and I own conditions are good, as I prevailing conditions , can find a good man to do again boyfriend . So, he always thought , what the outcome is impossible between us, I do not love him , why him, not a personal revenge , is to substitute him as a person . But I have no regrets for this feeling is . The past is gone . From his tone , knowing he could not because I give up family . Listen to his friends that he had a very hard time venture , his wife gave him a lot of support, but also a lot of pay. After much deliberation, I think we should break up , over their own lives. So , last night , giving him a last message :



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