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The author doesn't know much about economics

The author doesn't know much about economics, but know that a simple economics principle, namely the content with rare for expensive. Highway, therefore, every day will be stuck with toll free, but for this reason also can in turn understand: people focus on driving during the holiday season, is not because there is free access policy, but because of who I am so free travel meal is too little, or free lest too stingy. If free into common things, there will be no flocking. Said free lest too stingy, it is a free passage of time. According to the current policy, at present, only the Spring Festival, tomb-sweeping day, labor day, National Day four holidays highway toll free. If all legal holidays, including at least four weekends per month, all can free passage, people will in this a few holiday cluster driving? The second is a free passage of vehicles. At present, only seven passenger vehicles under free traffic, and toll free time to keep still, free access is limited. If all vehicles are free release, will greatly improve the traffic efficiency. The above reason and practice it is not hard to think of, also easy to operate, can't implement is nothing more than a word, money is thus the highway is less many tolls. Highway as a quasi-public product, all profits for so many years, now let people more free to enjoy a few days, is still way in people, should be at a disadvantage to the people? Even if don't want to cut meat, is not without money ZhaoShou, lu don't block the way. For 20 years ago, hainan will highway, highway transportation management fees and expenses, toll fee and a uniform motor vehicle fuel surcharge, provinces, the only one not toll across the country implements a foot pedal stepping on to the end. Highway traffic, the car is on the one hand, more toll station is a dime a dozen, on the other hand, if did not have the road toll station, the road is clear. Holiday highway toll free overall absolute is a good policy, benefiting the people and the cause of highway every day will be stuck not free, on the contrary, is free MianBuDe thoroughly enough. It reminds the aspect, should do next, is how to make the things become more perfect. Like KFC coupons, three days two head out a stack of, nobody will plunder. On April 24, twelfth session of the standing committee of the National People's Congress voted by the 8th meeting of the revised "environmental protection law of the People's Republic of Hermes Belt".http://www.shopukcheap.co.uk/

New environmental laws because joined for the polluters to correct meter by the day, take administrative detention for serious violation of the law, and the major persons-in-charge of the government in the face of the government's illegal activities have caused serious consequences to the resignation, experts called in the history of the most severe. The new law will take effect on January 1, 2015. (April 30, the Hermes Belt times) new environmental laws, the eight kinds of the main responsible behavior of local government and relevant departments should resign is considered to be the biggest bright spot. Had a greater influence on the reality of environmental pollution events, although the perpetrator is commonly enterprise, but many local governments and related regulatory inaction and indulgent, shield, thus offering to resign, which bears on the sword of the official political future, reversed transmission on the local government pay more attention to environmental protection, more conscientious in terms of regulation, indeed has positive significance.



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