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The apple harvest the villagers are worry

The apple harvest the villagers are worry anymore, and agricultural products marketing channel is not smooth the government is to blame. Apple pigs around the netizen attention, that gave local governments wake: whether can establish an agricultural network information publishing platform, make the ends of the supply chain to realize direct dialogue, avoid some middlemen profiteering, so as to maximize the interest of the farmers. Did so, the pig to eat the apple is not important, important is to help farmers brothers: put the apple sold as soon as possible. Yesterday morning, the Shanghai pudong new area of related department released said: by the pudong new area administrative law enforcement of urban management bureau overall inspection, the original nanhui district traffic administrative enforcement brigade a squadron at about 8 am in pudong new area of brake air route no. 188 seized on the spot near Mr. Sun alleged illegal operation behavior, the fact is clear, evidence, the applicable law correctly, forensics tools when none, there is no such thing as an overhead kick law enforcement problems. This is the Shanghai municipal government recently took place in the city's many phishing law enforcement incidents are found, http://www.drfrederickcook.com/cheap-louis-vuitton-belts.html after will investigate the response of the official released the results of the survey for the first time. , according to the results of the survey in the process of the whole incident, law enforcement personnel's behavior is without any defects, and after the break against innocent driver Mr. Sun in an interview with the media expressed in different ways. No matter how the truth of the event, the results are not convincing, because its survey subject, administrative law enforcement of urban management bureau, pudong new area is obvious benefit community with party a, and its itself is life.



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