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That compared to the general public

The so-called other; Only poor leadership, not falling behind the masses throughout the ; That compared to the general public, leading cadres tend to lack other; Adversity leads to prosperity throughout; Power, so it should be the pioneer and leader of reform, but often become the resistance of the reform. Leading cadres lack of emancipating the mind power, part of the reason is afraid of responsibility for the failed to reform. As the Bai Enpei secretary say, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/26/reason-thesis other; In the process of reform, may encounter setbacks, appear repeatedly, even failure throughout; , and some leading cadres in the work status quo, modesty, not aim at success, but beg without phenomenon is not surprising that, in the final analysis or worried about losing their vested interests. To sum up, some leading cadre thought liberation is not lack of ability, but a lack of motivation. How to solve this problem? In the hope of leading cadres of the upright character and moral self-discipline is obviously unrealistic, must depend on good system design. Bai Enpei secretary mentioned in his speech, other;



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