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Tang Wei had to the image of the characters

Tang Wei had to the image of the characters appear on the Party Albert activity compared to the founding of the Republic star hit the 172 co-starred in the record , Party of the Republic worse still , the star appeared in a total of 178 , although the strong star cast , as the founding of the Republic slice long to be controlled within 131 minutes , in order to seek the best viewing results , with the founding of the Republic , as some of the stars of the cut scenes will inevitably suffer . seen some actors played out on the whole , not a cut , this role will remove it. this is probably also speculation that Tang Wei scenes to be deleted to provide space , then, why this time again outflow rumors ? Tang Wei is probably not the only factor in a simple soup . producers Tang Wei exploit this sensitive role to pursue the box office would be a reason.
According to the film 's director officer said, Party Albert is not the main theme of the movie , but a mainstream movie , more show is a modern Christian louboutin history . Make such a position, I am afraid that one is to reproduce the true modern history and history, and also the pursuit of film art and improve the movie viewing, directly or indirectly, to pursue film at the box office . And this has also been confirmed. Film producers on Party Albert at the box office expectations than Founding of the Republic is much higher , hoping to create a new record. And to break the current domestic box office champion Let the bullets fly , the record , just a foundation , because Party Albert The goal is not to become a new high , but compared to the Founding of the Republic ( box office of 420 million yuan ) , double , that is said, Party Albert at the box office is expected to be over 800 million .



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