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Sun three legs felt weak

Sun three legs felt weak , thinking that cattle are electrically burned Chen 's son , but felt terrible site . So want children back home. But when he sat hundreds of miles handlebar child handed his blind father 's hands , the child cried like crazy mad . He was born in the past few years have never been back to this home , where the dark earth house , dilapidated tile eaves and invisible small village inhabited much so that he was very strange and scared. Father holding his legs tightly biting his father refused to let go of clothes , vague in his mouth cried : I want to go back ! I want to go back ! His grandfather was confused , said to himself : go back ? Back to what ? Sun three ultimately did not send out the children . His inquiries by telling her to hold strong baby again on the road to being tall , he was strong as a baby in a foreign land as cities around hometown . After that, it happened a lot of stories , which is worse than previously described with breathtaking extent , limited space, not repeat it here . http://louboutinreplicauk.eaglecrestsite.com/ In September, a strong baby seven on said city schools do not accept foreign migrant children each week , the Sun three very happy, he said : that steal to sell blood , but also to make a strong baby to school go ! He really does not want a big strong baby life saga continues further down ! Clinic , opened in an abandoned shed on three sides with brick base , when the road side hung a blue curtain , with two bamboo poles propped day , you can sun shade of gray at night , bamboo a close , regarded door. Clinic owner , is a young alien early twenties , shiny black skin , lips keep shallow beard , like a painting teacher with a light-colored pen drawing freehand on . His clothes are very old, some still sported shoulder back up at the scene , in my impression , his clothes are hard to come have a button not replaced , the color and size are not a good fit . Fortunately, there is a construction site, although in the future here will be a modern city, but not yet. Therefore , the groups of workers , and that he 's not too garish clothing , and thus he drove his clinic properly . I went to his clinic to see a doctor only one in town who called my home town , it was this quasi- modern metropolis of many people despise the county, therefore , have hung my head , county farmers ' this nickname , however, many young people in the country working here , most of them living in the county or town location from very far away, and therefore , I appeared in the clinic , the clinic owner's vigilance undoubtedly cause , and afterwards , I did not know he did not practice medicine clinic permit and business license , his tension and worries are not without reason , in particular, I experienced several industrial and commercial health joint enforcement action to clean up after . And these redneck , I also come to work , initially in a newspaper , because only on writing and not pull advertising , very low income , who lived in the villa outside Pizi , these villas has been empty for unknown reasons , those of us in vain cheap foreign people , especially those with several people picking up trash , while picking up trash on the side of the villa to feed a herd of swine , actually made a fortune . Encounter fear out of work sick , but the unfortunate thing I actually came out of the first month to catch up , even more frightening is that the disease is not too much time at the end



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