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such a major mission initiatives introduced

Need to be reminded that the approval of foreign mergers and acquisitions in the abuse of power before the reason for the complete failure of the situation , the reasons are complex , historical nor three or five years , firststrikegame not some people said repeal approval so simple. There sectoral legislation monopoly problem, http://www.firststrikegame.com/ there are a lack of oversight and approval system , the approval process is more a lack of justice , but the lack of legal proceedings is the most crucial. Douglas once said : Most of the provisions of the Bill of Rights are procedural provisions , this fact is by no means insignificant. Procedures for determining the rule of law is the rule of man with wanton basic differences between . In this sense, approval mechanism for foreign mergers and acquisitions reform and perfect the system of national economic security , procedural issues were indeed deadly lies. From the current point of view, not feasible to completely abolish approval , but reduced sectoral legislation , from a program to reduce the drawbacks of the approval and the lack of supervision , design some common-sense checks and balances , and ultimately clogging rent-seeking space is entirely possible. For example, in the key positions regularly approving rotation , especially in the legal document create more workable process clause is not difficult , nor is temporarily close the loopholes imperative. There is no doubt , ten countries to determine the 4 trillion of investment is the core of people's livelihood, but for the government acts distrust path dependence , all for the 4 trillion investment can really be said for the livelihood of misgivings .November 1 http://www.firststrikegame.com 4 , at the State Council Information Office held a press conference , Mu Hong , deputy director of the NDRC , said this year's additional 100 billion yuan investment for the implementation of the Central will send a joint inspection groups in the provinces, in points month, process monitoring, to ensure benefit of the people .Realistically speaking , ten countries to determine the rare huge public spending plans , ordered in distress , its historical mission of carrying as much as 30 years ago, started really reform the overall situation of economic transformation relationship , relationships, well-being of millions of people . Unfortunately, such a major mission initiatives introduced, and ensure that funds are not accompanied by an institutional framework for the safety and operating rules, whether the people for the benefit of the people funding fears naturally normal, however .



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