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Stone Mining Equipment

<P>Stone Mining Equipment</P>
<P>1. Adjustment stone supply flow.</P>
<P>Adjusted by controlling the ratio of feeders and feed rotor to achieve particle size composition. Stone Mining Equipment Manufacturer introduction, when the rotor speed is constant, the sub-feeder smaller opening tune, you can increase the supply flow stone, gravel reduce collision sport in Stone Mining Equipment crushing cavity, <h3>River stone crusher manufacturers</h3> but also shorten the crushing chamber stone residence time, thereby increasing the productivity of Mining Equipment.</P>
<P>2. Adjusting the original stone for aggregate gradation.</P>
<P>When Stone Mining Equipment rotor speed, finished material specifications must, if the size of the feed change will affect the finished material granularity colonel under normal circumstances, the smaller the particle size of the feed, product size becomes smaller accordingly; the contrary, finished size will be larger. Therefore, Stone Mining Equipment Manufacturer recommends users the best material according to the specifications of the finished product, select the appropriate material specifications, so as to meet the needs of production.</P>



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