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Spring Festival travel peak years

Spring Festival travel peak years, a young man named Zhang Ping , with his little things , warm home for the holiday a lot of migrant workers and disabled people 's heart. The HIT Weihai campus seniors , for 10 consecutive days, Weihai Railway Station for the elderly , migrant workers, people with disabilities free telephone booking more than 1,000 copies. To improve the efficiency of booking , careful Zhang Ping also draw an easy booking flowchart station areas are more than 1000 copies distributed trip Passengers, Zhang Ping has therefore been friends affectionately called booking brother .In billions of people hurried homeward journey , when many people are still buying hard time to worry about , MBT Soes USA Online Shop-http://www.coldmountainsams.com in many migrant workers and the elderly because of unfamiliar embarrassed when booking method , Zhang Ping is not only warm enthusiastic charity the He helped the visitors , but also warm this cold winter. Even more gratifying is that the ticket man of the team is still expanding , not only have more people to join the network of volunteers team, Zhang Ping, where the HIT , but also numbers Zhao and organize more students, can use their own knowledge to help others .With billions of Spring Festival passenger flow compared by the ticket man who help visitors is extremely limited, but it is these seemingly insignificant little bit of power , merged into one touched people's hearts warm , warm home of every person's mind , but also bring more inspiration.

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