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Specific to this issue on love and marriage

Specific to this issue on love and marriage, in theory, is not illegal as long as you can do it. Under However, the accumulation of thousands of years of civilization, such as the traditional fake gucci belts society, the rule of law not yet perfect, perfect today, yet deeply rooted legal awareness and legal norms meticulous enough reality, if we ignore the moral or breakthrough The bottom line, to pursue the so-called love, it will certainly lead to life order, social order chaos. Extramarital affairs will spread, polygonal love will become very popular, other acts outside of marriage between a lack of constraints on family law. So to say, morality and love are not opposites, but opposites, contradictions between both places have a unified place. The so-called opposition, is that everyone has the right to pursue true love, however, is the pursuit of true love does not prevent someone else got to the pursuit of true love, broken ring the feelings of others, even as a precondition of marriage, the so-called unity, is that moral norms are actually in order to obtain lasting stable love the service. Marx said that marriage without love is immoral. Although there is a marriage, but marriage is a continuation of love, is the development of love. If you do not love, that love is flawed, conversely, if only the so-called love for the standard, then this love is actually unhealthy, it may be at the expense of sacrificing the happiness of others. Times the legal, moral, more freedom to love, closer to love itself, it makes love more responsibility, more profound, more faithful, this should be the next form of modern society, citizens should be mature and Love must have ethics. 26 episodes of the TV series My brother called Shun Liu, in the long-awaited launch.
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