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Speak of the abandoned baby

Speak of the abandoned baby, a lot of people will be simultaneous accused the parents of the children, now that the bear to abandon, at the beginning why gave birth to his (her)? Today, it is not only a violate ethics deriving moral issues, but also a serious illegal act. , however, http://www.artandframingclub.com/ abandoned by the worldwide is a quite difficult social problems, lies in the complexity of its causes, sometimes it's hard to to abandon my relative parents are absolutely distinct evaluation, so if there are the swords of the law is high, also hard to put an end to the happening of the abandoned. True, reality has a first unmarried pregnant and not willing to take responsibility and abandoned, has a preference for sons, such as backward concept of fertility and abandoned, but these should be resolutely abandoned by moral condemnation and legal punishment behavior, after all, just a few more situation is that the newborn baby has various intractable congenital disease or physical defects, but their parents because the reason such as the poor cannot afford to the treatment of children, if put in the home only to die, thrown into the street and perhaps save, under this kind of despair, parents choose the abandoned children, how do we go to judge whether this approach to the child is love or not love? Children are the parents the continuation of blood, whether the child is beautiful is ugly, it is healthy or disabled, not as a last resort, most parents will not abandon my relative in, and when they were forced to abandon when the choice, I'm sure their hearts than anger bystander pain ten thousand times. Throws the child on the streets in the hope of good intention person to help, or to the abandoned baby safety island expect welfare institutions holding and free treatment, http://www.selfhelpfraud.com/ is hopeful the continuation of the child's life, likely henceforth orphans



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