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Some people say that everything duck

Some people say that everything duck prophet, although there is no sign that the government should publish what policy, but there are news shows that some government policies, to crazy no small impact on the stock market, will affect investor confidence of the market, thus found fleeing capital phenomenon, that is September 7 and 11 indexes in the cause of the fall in volumes. But we should see that although Gucci Belt's stock market in the past two years to get the comprehensive development and prosperity, but the domestic stock market and out other; Policy throughout the city ; Mold. For example, the government, the size of listed companies, http://www.freepokerphotossite.com/ listed companies listed rhythm control; The market has been in the other; 17th throughout; As a correction of nodes, etc., all of these show that the market has been the government policy as a market development center of gravity, has been the government's recessive guarantee policy for its market. Since domestic stock market is still the policy, so the market any exceptions, any bubbles, nature is the way through policy to adjust. Therefore, despite the government's functional departments are not willing to undertake any policy changes to affect the responsibility of the stock market, but the market is not at all. Any change, government policies will produce very big effect to the market. First of all, according to the current stock market can be crazy rising theory, rising domestic stock market over the past two years why can like this? Is the biggest reason is that excess liquidity, leading to excess foreign exchange reserves growth. From 2003 to 2006, foreign exchange for more than 60000 yuan. But, the central bank in order to drain liquidity, through open market operations, http://www.freepokerphotossite.com/cheap-gucci-belts/ raise the deposit reserve rate, issuing central bank bills to mop up liquidity. Since 2003, the central bank issuing central bank bills balance about 3 trillion, the central bank raise deposit reserve rate 10 times the total 5%, back about 20000 yuan, plus open market operations and the interest rise, the central bank for liquidity contraction is not to be underestimated. And as the second half of this year, further tightening of monetary policy and liquidity situation could change. In particular, after the us subprime mortgage debt crisis, international financial markets suddenly stop flood of liquidity, in order to avoid the lack of international financial market liquidity, the central Banks have added nearly $1 trillion of liquidity to the market. These factors will be a big influence on domestic liquidity. August's CPI create 11 years history, for example, a high, so central Banks routinely raise interest rates policy will be laid out in a short time. Also, http://www.freepokerphotossite.com/fake-gucci-belt/ the central bank notes issued by the quantity is more and more big; Special Treasury bonds issued 600 billion, 600 billion directly to the market. Although someone has said, issuing special bonds to market impact will not be too big. The issue of special government bonds but it's a little bit the ostrich, originally the purpose is to block the flow of foreign exchange reserves to the domestic financial market, has nothing to do but someone said that the market liquidity is incredible. As a result, 200 billion special bonds issued directly to the market, is also a way to tighten liquidity. Once we can say that if the liquidity of financial markets to reduce, the impact on the domestic stock market is to be reckoned with. Second, management recently issued a series of regulations and rules to strengthen the supervision of the domestic stock market, such as the recognition method "of insider trading, the recognition method" of market manipulation, the listed company information disclosure rules, and so on important decisions, these rules show that for Gucci Belt such a low integrity, serious, insider trading, market manipulation in the market, management have introduced some rules and regulations, so that management has to focus on the domestic stock market, the basic question and tries to set up rules to regulate the market. Earlier, to say, those who pass the behavior of market manipulation, insider trading, although in the short term can't disappear, but will increase the cost of these wrongdoings, http://www.freepokerphotossite.com/replica-gucci-belt/ will make the behavior to change.



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