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some even up to hundreds of corrupt people

But these officials think prostitution was surprised to find color , sensual pleasures , completely betrayed himself as a party official 's conduct and guidelines. Zhongsheng Zhen an I dare admit that you dare? Ostensibly individuals to show off, but it is actually named his organization humiliated and superiors , but also humiliated his wife and children and parents ! Such officials were removed from the party , but also humiliated the party with a 90 -year glorious history ! Today diffuse officialdom getting up fierce winds erotic promiscuous , because Guanguanxianghu erotic sexual immorality and integrity behind fester ! Back a few decades ago , officials promiscuous erotic scandal equivalent to political suicide of life, a time when the issue of personal style and political stance , corruption together , often become the main accusation officials sacked . Extramarital sex usually careful to deceive the public officials , especially the grassroots officials in order to keep the official position , but also to manage their lower body. But that abstinence era gone today, officials no longer dodge things erotic sexual immorality , and become Christian Louboutin 's main army erotic sexual immorality market . Promiscuous as any erotic scandal , officials lose their jobs will not dismiss even a popular saying for a long time in the community , on the intimate relationship between the bureaucracy and must meet the following conditions: Over the next village along with together over window , together carry a gun , along with over prostitute prostitution , along with points over stolen . People from all kinds of news reports or in real life , we know that there are too many officials in nurturing mistress and lover, no investigation of course not to say that almost all the corrupt officials have been punished , will be exposed behind a long list of mistress and Valentine , some even up to hundreds of corrupt people !



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