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Some children were discovered

Some children were discovered, stray dogs and cats can even have been eating, still crawling ant... If they can't change the destiny of abandoned babies themselves can make a choice, I believe that they would rather choose abandoned on the island of safety, at least there is a bed and a quilt, there is warmth and hope. Baby safety island, therefore, no matter how is a glaring humanitarian ACTS of kindness. Mr Jin-hong han said: we can't change the abandonment behavior, but can change the results of the abandoned. Quite as good as a social welfare institutions, might not be able to change some cruel parents' ideas, but you can try your best to change the fate of these innocent baby. Good karma is proving to have good fruit. Set up after the baby safety island, shijiazhuang and, therefore, is not increased, the number of abandoned just together, http://www.treasuredmemoriesretreat.com/ suggesting that the child's aid quality improvement; As of the end of January, baby safety island found 26 abandoned, 18 ultimately survived, and discarding the abandoned near the welfare home, survival rate of less than 50%. If we admit that the phenomenon of abandoned baby at this stage unable to eradicate this reality, then it is more efficient to let the baby get relief, not just what we want to see? I believe those safety island skeptics to infants, and its heart and not to oppose the institution of abandoned babies do our utmost to help, but think this way will not help reduce abandoned. But this is another level of the problem, the institution has done they should do.



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