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so we talked about the Belt data

Hua Guofeng not stand. At 20:30 on October 6th, 1976 , in the Church in Laguna backyard , was declared head of the Central Guards Regiment Zhang Yaoci protection review loss of freedom . 1986 was the PLA military court sentenced 17 years in prison , starting from 1976 . March 17, 1989 , in Nanchang medical parole to live. After Li Shi released from prison in October 1993 , in Shanghai Automotive Industry Quality Inspection Institute , alias Li Shi . http://www.ozmumsonline.com/ February 2001 , retired , according to senior technical titles Standards 1080 yuan monthly pension , and because the relationship between the father and the sacrifice for the revolution to enjoy martyred treatment. Today, sixty -year-old has been Yuanxin whole show with his wife Feng , Li Li daughter enjoy a quiet life in Shanghai . Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Research Institute of Labor Wage released in 2011 , Belt Development Report remuneration . Report that , between industry , the income gap between the groups some workers gradually widening trend has not fundamentally reversed . In addition to corporate executives and the biggest income gap between wages of migrant workers up to 4553 times , http://www.ozmumsonline.com/replica-gucci-belts.html the past five years, the enterprise executives significantly more than the increase in wages of ordinary workers wage increases , gradually narrowing the income gap but not crazy enlarge. Data and conclusions of the official report , so we talked about the Belt data overshadowed , also highlights the urgency of Belt and the difficult reform of income distribution . It should be noted , in addition to further stimulate the eye of the income gap between the value of corporate executives and migrant workers , as well as structural problems of income distribution and the different regions, different industries , the income differences between professional identity is more worthy of attention. Belt Development Report Remuneration is mentioned , soaring wages in some industries , the income gap between executives a thousand workers , resulting in different industries, different positions of increasing income disparity . http://www.ozmumsonline.com/replica-gucci-handbags.html Sentence related to income distribution leads to two core issues : the first is due to industry differences lead to differences in income , socially unequal allocation of resources and the emergence of pre- allocation dilemma , as experts put it, part of the monopoly industries and enterprises through access to excess profits , and some low-end industries in the fierce competition in the production and operation environment is not good, this is the fundamental problem . Some enterprises, especially in state-owned central enterprises monopoly , http://www.ozmumsonline.com/replica-gucci-bags.html no after-tax profits paid or paid very little , cause there is a huge gap between the industry revenue .



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