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So is more important than to build

So is more important than to build a multi-level housing system, the government strengthen macro-control, make inflated house prices come down, and intensify the construction of low-rent housing and the safeguard scope, so the sandwich in the middle of the two sandwich layer can be properly placed, and consider their own economic conditions and flexible choice up or down. This truth is like a camera zoom - shaguaji zoom series set too much, also can't always have to take care of the place, how also couldn't catch up with an SLR stepless zoom. Guangzhou beating mouse is correct, especially for those who drive BMW bought the generation of affordable housing, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/30/any-society-rich-and-poor is to beat up, can never be. To treat such as Mr WuShaoRong but for some helpless to violations of the sandwich layer, after beating, should not be forgotten in the housing security system. The author believes that China's housing security system from the multistage upgraded to stepless zoom zoom is entirely possible, but the premise is the hand of government regulation, the hand of the market functioning.



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