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Similar introductory classes on the university of

http://www.estaynberg.com/ University President is supposed to be a scientist rather than as a politician has 23000 students, has a $500 million budget every year leading European university -- the Netherlands doronin root university President, watts (f. Zwarts) said on their own can not only accomplish such a huge management tasks and depends on a good team, his main task is to ensure that the team perform management from the perspective of scientific thinking for the headmaster's responsibility is to guarantee the quality of teachers and students and students is a university life no students, no college. Harvard President Lawrence Summers (Lawrence h. Summers) was the administration of President Bill Clinton's last Treasury secretary. In March 2001, he was picked for the school of the harvard selection committee twenty-seventh President. He is from the original emerge from as many as 500 candidates including politicians gore was defeated by his opponent. Harvard President selection committee think harvard alumni gore lack of academic experience and achievements. Summers have convincing achievements not only in professional fields and making friends broad federal reserve chairman Alan greenspan is his tennis ball friend.

http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/ The President of the university of Tokyo komiyama think outstanding academic background and prestige in the professor's two qualities required of a university President in contemporary politicians or educators are not important and the management and academic both can best can have both. Just like every coin has two sides, one thing should be but it is often difficult to juggle both his in order to strengthen the management to will try to make friends in many industries in the past he or even a member of the football club. Management is more and more become the important responsibility of the modern university President. Therefore has a PhD in chemistry komiyama acer gave up the job of professor but he insists on a regular basis to undergraduate classes a semester to ensure four classes is not all knowledge analysis but academic overlooking the handout on an introduction to a subject of global just like standing on high have a bird's eye view of the panoramic view of the earth. Similar introductory classes on the university of Tokyo komiyama more than one even Nobel laureate in physics for undergraduate students in class on the history of the development of physics.



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