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Shock wave of democracy is every corner

Shock wave of democracy is every corner of the world, even Belt 's neighbors Burma, http://www.ozmumsonline.com/ Vietnam is also undergoing changes , the monarch of the Kingdom of Bhutan , King Singh government to the people , from the waste of the monarchy , established a multiparty , parliamentary impeachment own requirements he said: . can I try to be a good king , but I can not guarantee generations Bhutan king to the people of Bhutan are good long-term happiness , we must promote democracy , a good system is more important than the hereditary throne Taiwanese writer Lung Taiwan should say that a healthy society must be health officials do not talk , but should never be destitute . http://www.ozmumsonline.com/replica-gucci-belts.html Health officials do not talk is not saying we should officer confused deprivation , cold and hunger , but said an official who on the one hand to spare no efforts to serve the people , no doubt muscles fatigue , weakness mentality bitter ; same time have to face supervision of the people , media and Parliament , naturally perpetuity, gingerly ! This is the political norm ideal society . The new Standing Committee Liu Yunshan early in 2009 on the Seeking Truth magazine has issued a document that : Never go rigid closed the old , http://www.ozmumsonline.com/replica-gucci-bags.html will never go astray change the flag changing of the guard , but unswervingly follow the road of socialism with Replica Belts characteristics. . Eighteen report once again reiterated this view Liu , do not take the old road is not good to go astray , of course , the new leadership of the Central People's gotta go one way , if you continue to walk the road now , must also be a dead end . Today, the face of predatory interests of vulnerable groups , in the face of widespread official corruption, the face of increasingly severe wealth gap , in the face of social injustice, judicial injustice caused popular support moral decline , facing unfair distribution system caused by the rich and the poor , opposition officials and civilians , caused a huge contrast between urban and rural , coastal and inland , big cities and small cities between ! The face of social justice is not done , corruption is not punished , not caring sufferings of the people , http://www.ozmumsonline.com/replica-gucci-handbags.html from top to bottom face of speculative evil, adulterated, swindling , money, intrigue, bullying, greed , intrigues as well as the ideological field full of lies, deceit and blind singing the praises of the new central leadership shoulders the burden is clearly not easy. Rapid economic growth can certainly transformed the official whitewash , but it is difficult to convince those who are deprived of basic benefits or mercilessly abandoned vulnerable groups.



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