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she suddenly heard the family home

Because too tired, , high fever said nonsense, had to temporarily to the AD, in the spring the body to recover, she returned to the hospital. In 1946, GeZi followed the troops came to the pearl river. One day, she suddenly heard the family home, some sit still, and a Louis Vuitton partner to escape, but was found back to the troops at the station. GeZi request to let her to health captain back to acheng, a trip to see my family guarantee back to the troops, obtained the approval. Two girls out overnight, acheng GeZi this learned of the father has been with the club members first home, only my sister to stay. GeZi took sister wept bitterly, the elder sister to comfort her, gave her a already prepared, with his father's clothes into a long sleeve shirt, GeZi know how to put it in my backpack, march has been back in the body, like a father has been in the side watching, encourage yourself. It is also a spiritual source for GeZi. (3) the bitter have joy in March GeZi's corps is northeast democratic coalition ar first health teams, a total of ten people on the team. http://www.annamariahemingway.com/replica-versace-belt.html Army medical condition is very poor, medical staff are often undermanned and GeZi can be calibrated boldness to deal with, sometimes she also put their own blood to the wounded. Around the team always march in the evening, was black, GeZi often wonder where are you, her heart is only one belief that must not be left behind, walked with troops. She remember troops marched in the changbai mountains, often get wet by the heavy rain. Because it is winter, a person must not doze off, otherwise it will freeze to death. When sleeping all dressed in military uniforms, few people snuggling together sleep with straw, everyone has no sense of what men and women in the army. http://www.annamariahemingway.com/cheap-versace-belts.html Everyone stood at the dinner table, folding under small wood branches cut some smooth as chopsticks. Army life is hard, but the GeZi feel the lives and spirit is full. Get up at 6 o 'clock in the morning, and then one, two, three, four... To shout password running, everybody still high-spirited singing, marching GeZi remember special prison there are three discipline eight note, unity is strength, east is red and so on.



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