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She said that was not afraid

She said that was not afraid, but also afraid of getting on, she said. Write down the title, I suddenly have a funny feeling. Because like I work fourteen five hours a day, even sleeping Eshi are listening to the radio are talking about the theme and title of the journalist, subtraction Life this formulation at me, not only luxury, but also filled with a sense of humor . But I subtraction life concept itself is recognized and yearn for, http://www.lindapmodel.com/ and aimed at every possible opportunity, minus the one. I was the first to lose, is my own desire for material things. I still do not agree to buy a house buy a car only to realize the ideal of life is the so-called modern ideas. Instead, I'd think, with material to determine the value of self-life is extremely old-fashioned and not confident. One of my friends, always thought that his reason for not respected, mainly because he had no money. So, pushed hard at the seller affection grid dignity and friendship to go earn money. Make money, bought a house in the affluent area of south, and bought a Buick. But he still did not get the respect of family and friends. The analysis of the reasons he is still considered to be more than enough money to own a car is not good enough. So, once again plunge into the business to make money, and until last year due to overwork and died. The usual things in life because of the business to offend a lot of people, so, very few people attended his funeral. He eventually did earn the respect of his people. I think, by the houses and cars to realize the value of their identity to others is a big can doubtful. Such people are directly materialized. And people can never be reduced to matter, this should be a bottom line. So, a few years working in Chengdu, I eventually did not buy a house nor a car.



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