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She is no longer used by my crush on the girl

I am speechless . Yes, I was wrong ! She is no longer used by my crush on the girl , but a woman. Passing years changed me, also changed her , I can not retake the old eyes to measure her. Times are great changes , chat equals boring argument obsolete. Or an old saying goes: Trinidad different wind , different Barry Ray . That year , which is January 17, 1988 nine in the morning , I set foot on the train south , go to Hainan spirited thinking about looking for a career which will allow me to work with me is my a high school student named Xiao Ming , he learned that I travel alone this , be sure to accompany me, and expenses we come , so I bought a train ticket to fix the Trustee , the two did not bring a replacement clothes , did not bring toothbrushes, toothpaste , buns just put a cup and a towel and a book , so we hit the road. eighteen eleven evening , the train arrived in Guangzhou . out of the station , gingerly onto the street I heard Guangzhou public security is not very good , we are extremely vigilant eyes wide open looking for . looking over one hour still could not find a bed hotel has had in the Overseas Cheap Gucci Belts Hotel stay. said hotel , its facilities is really a misnomer , no TV in the room , there is no hot water and bathroom . accommodation is not low , per night per person $ 10, we will only stay here . the 19th morning , in the hotel , I to my parents and my leadership of each unit in a letter , because I did not go out when these things publicly , afraid to say you can not make the trip. farewell they do not say hello , come back up to be criticized meal. If you can find satisfactory job , has been criticized not care. afternoon, transfer to the city center a large circle , into several large stores no harvest , eat a big bowl decided to walk . 6:00 pm , get bound Zhanjiang the coach . checking bags , I found my big bag less a packet , it must be just when the car stolen , but fortunately did something valuable inside . particularly uncomfortable sitting in the car , because it is hard sitting, each sitting in its place, and then trapped nor lie down. somewhat cold night Joseph , with this Dongfeng brand of car shock is worn really bad , bumpy badly. way tire has burst twice , enough scary at this point, I can not sleep , eyes always flashed phrase alarmed before. on the 20th morning , the car slowly all the way into the outskirts of Zhanjiang , slow because of a traffic accident in front in the national Road on , and saw the two small buses collided in which a car wheel full blast , and unrecognizable another one is completely destroyed , just multiply the empty frame. while on the road side , covered with straw six charred bodies , one straw bare one pair of children 's feet , appalling .




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