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shallow thinking culture and wisdom of life

Recently, shallow thinking culture and wisdom of life, yi zhongtian is a new striking cultural hot spot. He suddenly from a scholar in a super star, and popular. The so-called shallow thinking is a word created in the mid - eighty - liu, he was using the word refers to the planned economy period, a lot of the simplistic thinking of youth. Today, the word has long since been forgotten. But I don't think it's the literal meaning is very useful. I use it to refer to a different perceptual life experience, and is different from the rational thinking of the special thinking. I think this shallow thinking a bit closer to the concept of Kant's intellectual. It is quite close to our daily life, not college academic demands on high, but again not generally popular culture emotional appeal. It is a vital intelligence, an expression of life philosophy. http://www.drfrederickcook.com/replica-ferragamo-belt.html The rise of the shallow thinking culture is actually a sign of a new era, but also the inevitable the complanation of postmodern cultural landscape. Special note, the light is not praise or blame meaning, only and different things, not to compete. Such as lu xun Liu Bannong shallow deeply sure for scholars, and depth of hu shi. Shallow thinking powerful transmission operation rely on TV, but more rely on the grass-roots network of word of mouth. Yu that depends on the culture journeyed book with reputation, and maintain a reputation, but now completely on TV more than shallow thinking or a book after transmission first, owing to the strong demand of TV culture to shallow thinking, more than just on TV. Yi zhongtian is the rise of the credit for TV, easy to write many works is also very interesting, is not popular, TV platform will yi zhongtian becomes a new icon. This is in contrast and yu is, the television media is not like today, or not involved in the territory of the elite, still have a book by chance to become idols, but by the end of yi zhongtian, the situation has changed. No TV, is impossible to have yi zhongtian's hot.



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