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Several cf and conclusive judgment

Several cf and conclusive judgment, not the author of some rigid as to defend our way of thinking, ways of thinking and bad behavior, but also non-stick excuse the beaten path, hindering promote political civilization, on the contrary, I have always thought that, since we In the field of economic and social management draws heavily on the results of Western civilization, then the political field should also be actively and boldly to learn, otherwise it violates the economic base determines the superstructure Marxist viewpoint and method, but the process must be rational and gradual, but anything beyond endurance to engage in the Great Leap Forward, the results are often contrary to the original intention.
In fact, if we are out of contention for the system of emotional, for species of thinking and ways of thinking, a lot of problems can not clarify. Because any laws and rules are produced in human society, focusing on people's needs. In other words, including the United States and other Western developed countries, but also to follow the laws and gradual. There is a case is illustrative of this. In 2007, the United States occurred in an apartment in elderly care workers sued the employer of black case. Care workers maimed in a car accident, because of dissatisfaction with the amount of compensation and litigation, lawyers stumbled lady sometimes work 70 hours a week without overtime pay and hold down roots in a law years ago, this law increases in salaries in the industry care industry excluded on the grounds that such work are mostly carried out among relatives and friends. But with the aging of society, nursing has developed into a big industry, because the law has not changed and let a lot of employees unable to protect their own interests. In some organizations involved in labor rights, they decided to court, the case has hit the U.S. Supreme Court, the process also attracted the attention of the whole society. Finally, the nine justices to 9:0 passed a resolution dismissing the old lady's demands. Justices of view, the Bush administration and New York City three entirely consistent: If you accept the demands of the woman, which means care costs and government welfare spending beyond affordability. As a judge on the old lady said: If you win, many people can not afford the cost of care will be from now on, that would be the government can not deal with the situation. The verdict is clearly unjust, because there is no safeguard the interests of vulnerable groups, but is forced choice but to gradually solve the social development process. This is the law of social development of any country and society can not go against the law.



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