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Finally this scene repeat itself deja vu

Finally this scene repeat itself deja vu , all regulators and mine operators are expressed , indeed he is very attention to production safety , but also should pay attention to safety, and the future will be more attention to production safety . The result can be imagined, and Qian of the question as it becomes a kitchen politics .But the problem is that they should not have become a kitchen politics . Kitchen Politics The reason why no solution , because although the system is useful, but relative to the destination in terms of the cost is too high. The mine problem and education What is the purpose ? Human life and wisdom, for such problems , the high cost of the system is also necessary one to use. If someone can find a covered muscular guy why not find ? If we can not bloody coal production to be the best performance , why not reward him ? After all, only two words , and determination. As long as there is the determination of governance , how small problems will not become a kitchen politics , if not determined , how serious the problems are likely to become the kitchen politics . Shanghai animal disease prevention and control department news release, the department of Songjiang waters by some pig ear tag collection of information verification , initially identified the dead pigs mainly from neighboring Zhejiang Jiaxing area . Shanghai Agriculture Commission has sent to go to Jiaxing informed, required to take appropriate measures to stop local farmers threw dead pigs to the river throwing act to prevent the occurrence of similar events. Incomplete statistics , recently, Songjiang , Jinshan has been recovered from the waters of the Huangpu River upstream neighboring drift to more than 2,800 dead pigs head . What kind of scene ? Only imagine are disgusting . Either Shanghai or Zhejiang aspect behaved very calm, Shanghai area, said , according to the monitoring of these dead pigs did not affect the water quality, water quality is not affected we can not jump to conclusions , but it really severely polluted the eyes of a public .



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