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Sand Maker Has A Great Effect of Pebble

<p>At present, The market of China"s crushing equipment manufacturers is very extensive, including various industry like chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and so on.</p><p>Pebble is a common stone which is usually used in the sand making. A pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 2 to 64 millimetres based on the Krumbein phi scale of sedimentology. Pebbles are generally considered to be larger than granules (2 to 4 millimetres diameter) and smaller than cobbles (64 to 256 millimetres diameter). A rock made predominantly of pebbles is termed a conglomerate. Pebble tools are among the earliest known man-made artifacts, dating from the Palaeolithic period of human history.</p><p>Pebbles come in various colors and textures, and can have streak



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