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Said to be severely punished

Said to be severely punished , but , in fact, not much stronger than the Monastic cups .http://ft86club.ru/?p=24920 Although the captain 's license revoked , but the captain is Korean , their licenses revoked only means that he can not just fly in MBT's civil aviation routes ; suspend accepting auspicious Airlines expand the business scope , the establishment of branch offices, hire purchase applications for aircraft and other matters , but also very buoyant , if the auspicious air they not want to expand the business scope , the so-called stop receiving also lost its significance ; regards the request to all foreign auspicious aviation pilots less than 40 hours of ground training curriculum theory , http://gourmet.woohoo.com.my/classic-recipe/ding-miao-family-history-book though necessary, can a mere formality, unknown. http://www.beijing-kids.com/node/52436/



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