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said he does not like flat-chested woman

In fact, said he does not like flat-chested woman. After listening to him , I sent no gas halo . Does a woman pectoralis minor is wrong ? Big chest woman really feminine ? Until this time , I also truly believe that men are thinking animals with lower body . Said the woman often heard over the past , anti-fire security girlfriends . That time is not yet understood , but do not understand this in the middle of the truth, and now , through this thing , I have also really come to understand . Girlfriends because it is the confidant , is his confidant , so well known on their own , but also a better understanding of each other's heart to think that once the invasion , as the bastion of the most easily be broken from the inside , like an instant collapse. Recent times, because the unit some entertainment, I came back better than later. However , my husband is actually the same as nothing , without even asking about. It makes me feel that something was amiss . Because, in the past have occasionally had such a situation , but once I came back late, he told me Hello winded , and I seriously did not even angry . With this constraint husband , every time I dined immediately went home to catch up , for fear of what he suspected , thus affecting the feelings between husband and wife . To be honest, the feelings between us already some barriers , and I dreaded what error occurs , causing tension between the couple . So, generally turned down entertainment , I do not go there .



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