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Roller Dryer Is Taken to the Market to Display by Experts

The latest working practice is to immediately wash the potatoes at high capacity on receipt and store them washed in bunkers. Here Tummers is far and away the market leader in the supply of washers with capacities of up to 140 tons per hour. In order to successfully store potatoes well in bunkers they must first be dried, and this must also take place at high capacity. Drum dryer’s drum is slightly tilted and rotary drum body, china cone crusher, wet material from the upper end into the dry material in the lower part from the other end.Into the hot air from the feed end or discharging end, from the other end of the upper discharge. Cylinder of drum dryer is equipped with consequent copy board, [url=http://www.china-sand-maker.com/machine/p43.html]primary jaw crusher[/url], make the materia



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