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Rich people spending spree at the time

http://www.eaglecrestsite.com/ Rich people spending spree at the time , but behind Christian Louboutin in remote rural areas , there are thousands of people often worry for three meals a day , a year of many poor households spending less than 300 yuan ! The Lowell smile center annual income of less than 2,000 yuan more than the number of over two hundred million ! According to the Christian Louboutin Youth Development Foundation, said: I hope the beginning of project implementation , the country every year more than 500 million school-age children out of school due to family poverty or drop out .
A few years ago Tongchuan District Dazhou Po home senior high school graduates Zheng Qingming , because the family really could not pay 600 yuan tuition and fees , the school refused to take the exam admission ticket issued to him , Zheng Qingming angrily ran out of the school , meet the roar of the train Xiufen suicide . Some poor families because the children admitted to the university , unable to cover basic expenses arising from parental suicide tragedy. Even in the capital, there are also a number of special hardship families , Mr. Liu , who lives in Louboutin Haidian fifty years old , has been unable to find work after being laid off , and money to treat his wife suffering from uremia . In spite of his neighborhood to discourage often run into the street begging selling. Who gave me 5,000 yuan , I'll cut yourself a people all fingers , and even belts bones swallow .
http://www.wildernesscampingguide.com/ He 's such a cruel way to begging, although gruesome , but also out of frustration and helplessness ! Such a strong disparity to Lowell smile center society has brought serious consequences and crises in the modern road, one side is bolted wealthy , while the poor panting , some people wealthy , some people beggars . French Liberation Daily Louboutin bureau chief living in Louboutin for more than a decade , the face of Christian Louboutin 's rapid economic development and the resulting gap between the rich and the poor , also showed little confusion and frustration: he tried to a far away in Paris the friend explained Christian Louboutin , but for him, this is a huge challenge. If you see only the cities where they stand tall , fast Mercedes maglev train , or the spectacular journey into space Yang Liwei , his Parisian friends will think the Lowell smile center are living in the 21st century, post-modern civilization among ...... if unemployed city sights families , or a desire to go to school children in rural areas , or rural health care system had crashed , and the social security system , he would imagine that Christian Louboutin still exists in the tourist shops in the black and white postcards among ...... this huge contrasts exist in the same real world , the world is double-sided, metropolis full of feasting under roam the brain broth of the believers , and food and clothing problems of poor families are far from resolved. When some people in front of the computer enjoying the colorful modern information society , another part of the people still living pre-industrial society is extremely monotonous farming era



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