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resulting in short-term loans to Banks

It is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is the establishment of comprehensive Chinese housing security system, the second is to China's real estate investment and consumption to make strict distinction. The two, not only in a 24 files, fully affirmed the Chinese housing market is a market rather than an investment of the people's livelihood hype market, therefore, investment in housing speculation the government to conduct a comprehensive strict check; And no. 359, comprehensive recovery of 2003 18, document no. 121 document content, or even increase many new content according to the latest new situation. Can say, under such a principle, China's real estate market is also not earth-shaking changes? Now that fundamental changes will take place in China's real estate market, so whether there a turning point in China's real estate market need to discuss? Can say, the problems of the Chinese real estate housing market, is because the housing prices soared quickly stripped of China's most most of the people's basic right, is too high house prices make most of the residents are completely clear of the real estate market, and thus make the whole social wealth within short a few people gathered, is creating serious polarization of the distribution of wealth in China, is the society and the harmonious society in China is becoming more and more far. Therefore, this is the half-year has pursued a policy of the central government to adjust China's real estate development model, to change the present unreasonable reason for the real estate market. However, the implementation of the policy have certain hysteresis, these policies will not immediately, however, http://replicaversacebelt.quicksnake.com/ came to the stage to the policy of real estate, the real estate market is a fundamental change anyone is unstoppable. And to do this, first is to cut off by the central bank credit policy bank of real estate investors use the low interest rate policy, the use of bank financial leverage to real estate speculation. A few years earlier, as it were, the price of the real estate market soared quickly, that is the root of the most important. Can say, the central bank and the China banking regulatory commission recently argued, such as increasing speculation in real estate investment of barriers to entry (personal housing mortgage scrutiny), improve personal mortgage down payment proportion, increase the mortgage interest rate, and control the scale of bank credit, etc., are very effective means for real estate investment and speculation. Can say, once the bank credit policy implementation, to enter the real estate investment hype immediately will greatly reduce (market access restrictions and expected changes). When the real estate investment hype are unable or unwilling to enter the real estate market, the real estate market expectations will be development of fundamental change. This is the recent fundamental changes in the pearl river delta real estate markets.



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