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replica hermes belt's real estate bubble is

As Mr. Zhou, will establish and improve the real estate financial monitoring mechanism, closely tracking the real estate market development trend. To simplify and standardize the system of housing hermes belt, straighten out the housing consumption loan policy. Guide the scientific and assess the risks of the real estate industry, commercial Banks on the premise of perfect risk control, to further improve financial services, support for reasonable and effective credit demand of the real estate industry, promote real estate credit market running smoothly. As for the current Hermes belt replica economy problems, credit management and risk control of the real estate market, should be the core of the current replica hermes belt's financial market. How to do real estate credit risk management, zhou proposed the next step the basic train of thought of micro financial adjustment. Rigorous scientific attitude, for example, one is to understand the real estate market development trend, and through the effective mechanism and tool science and assess the risk of real estate industry. That is to say, commercial replica service and support for real estate is not standing on the basis of conformity, and standing on the scientific and standardized, replica hermes belt http://youtu.be/2dmM81ALkOY on the basis of risk assessment, correctly assess the risks of the real estate industry, and according to the assessment to improve the support of the real estate industry and strength. But, at present replica hermes belt's real estate information management, not only real estate investment and consumption not clearly defined, each department is defined according to the needs of their real estate for investment spending, in this case, it is difficult to obtain effective information of real estate. Also, hermes prices statistical problems, is real estate, the price of new homes are currently used, this price meaning didn't really performance change of the market, information is limited. So, keep track of the real estate market development situation, the central replica also need to improve the current real estate market information statistic system and index, otherwise, the current index system of much of the information is not scientific and standardized. 2 it is commercial replica's support for real estate, emphasis on personal housing consumption loan, rather than encourage the real estate market speculation and speculation. In this way, the real estate policy is combined with real estate people by nature, also is the sustained development of the domestic real estate market. , so to speak, even though the us financial crisis is the result of the housing bubble, but the U.S. real estate bubble is not as many people as Hermes belt replica people specially to buy many hermess hype, but each person can only buy a set of housing. If americans have bought more than a set of housing, then not only will not be able to enjoy various preferential policies, the government on the other hand, the government and various taxes made housing attention-seeker unprofitable. Visible, American housing purchases a large, will cause the real estate bubble so if allowed to replica hermes belt in 2007, the real estate speculation, replica hermes belt's real estate bubble is not fry into heaven.



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