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refers to the mature mind

mature, of course, refers to the mature mind, I have to think coax coax children, only mature men can experience the fun of virginity second: have a career heart, of course, also have a career, has become the best money can not, no money on behalf of the status, no status on behalf of no future, no future will also talk about a feces ~ ~ Love III: have manly I hate the bitch chirp man, best sandwiches Binbin Sven type, can suppress my arrogance IV: humor, mood, mood should not have a love life heart, Oh ~ ~ I so love life like who, if faced with the same thing every day, some want to die ~ ~ V: family harmony, parental well-being, no divorced widowed extramarital affair, http://www.lindapmodel.com/ so it is no child's psychological shadow, later in life will not generate fear, nor will produce a distorted mentality, leading to what domestic violence, ah, love to hate ah ~ ~ Oh VI: This is the sixth one, I think how I say nothing ~ ~ To have a lot of friends, the underworld and white can be, in order to prove that a man's strength, and also to prove that this man will be people that can work, but also that he is a good man, we all like to play with him ~ ~ VII: like to watch movies, so I like to take pictures, like run and jump, like toss, toss like to be me, like I'm doing anything, or meet the requirements of any of my legitimate, if improper, but also agreeable to help me finish eighth: broad-minded, must not be narrow-minded, narrow-minded - I hate extreme ~ ~ so be it, as the marriage revelation ~ ~ ~ suddenly thought Chow told me that story about the password, just do not know what the topic, you apply it. every blogging is the subject of the most troublesome, simply later on with no problems after rummaging through the CD to find out, wanted to hear, just do not know what to listen.



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