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Real estate development completed investment

Real estate development completed investment of 1.4277 trillion yuan, up 29%; Rapidly rising prices, rose 8.2% in August (this price is only part of the national bureau of statistics of new properties, actually from the second-hand house price rises will be greater), many local house prices hit a record high; Bank credit to 3.07 trillion, only eight months, Fake Belt credit is reached in early planning goals, etc. So why the more Replica Belt's economy, its growth speed faster? Here is that the government's policy did not touch the fundamental, not to let the real estate market price to the rational return, so that the real estate investment not only failed to slow down, and speed up. And why do domestic Cheap Belts prices will rise quickly? Despite its reason is various, but the most fundamental is the real estate market development model of defects, let the real estate market become the investment market, http://replicahermesbelt.gudulafsarkoyu.com/ rather than meet the residents' basic consumption market. In this case, coupled with convenient Fake Belt financial leverage, and the government's recessive guarantee of Cheap Belts prices, Cheap Belts prices pushed up naturally. Pushed up house prices, real estate investment will naturally grow rapidly and competition for land naturally became the core of the real estate developers, the real estate investment and access to land the money come from? Basically rely on Fake Belt loans as early as a few years, real estate, relying on Replica Belt's real estate financial system defects taking money from the Fake Belt. However, in real estate development, financing from the Fake Belt, not only the high cost, and high cost. When the domestic stock market bubble inflating rapidly over the past two years, real estate enterprises to see from the convenience of the securities market raised and free sex (the specification of the securities market is that there is no this situation).



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