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Rare to me several times about the snow

In 2004, I wrote the article "the memory of snow", see "-- the memory of snow in my hometown near the tropic of cancer, also is not very cold in winter, but I always have a special liking to snow. I'm in the far south, thinking of the snow in the north... This poem, fresh in my memory, when I was young, white and pure snow world is one of my small dream. Can book in the future, I found that in more than 30 degrees north latitude of Tokyo, still not much chance of snow in winter, the cold is gone with the wind while snowflakes, I am exclamatory earth really worrying to somehow become warm... Unexpectedly, at the end of 2004, I had a dream come true to feel rippled snow world - the story. On December 29th, at the end of the first day of the holiday, I decided to completely relax yourself, after getting up in the morning, downloaded from the Internet a few classical music MP3, let soothing Mozart serenade melody flows in languid is lazy in my little room in the morning, and then a cup of hot coffee, sit on the floor, open a book about zeng guofan with political intrigue, see a few pages, distracted, suddenly feel the car driving out of the window seem not screaming like in the past, pull open the curtain, I suddenly excited, it's snow, long-forgotten snow world! Finally it's snowing, Tokyo is not big, but also be called little snow falls, and as xiu-mei Yin sing your posture is lightsome, your heart is so pure. My door is always busy, I think today the car is spoiling for but in ice and snow on the snow and had to appear reserved some, perhaps the snow let everything and every man's heart was peaceful nature. Across the street from the park hill has been put on the silver, I immediately leave Mozart and zeng guofan, find out the digital camera, the cold neutrality in the balcony, took a piece of snow, I think tonight you to use E-mail to relatives and friends of the mail in the south to the copy of original New Year's gift, let them share the snow in Tokyo, for their own memories and a snow... Rare to me several times about the snow memory is valuable.



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