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Question and criticize is easy

Question and criticize is easy, and build a kind of value concept is relatively difficult. If we admit, learn lei feng in today's era is still a meaningful thing, so, in an increasingly diverse and increasingly materialistic society values, if the lack of a form as the carrier, the interests of the lack of drive, learn lei feng and the standpoint of how to find it? To answer this question, the author thinks that, we'll be the first to really understand person, lei feng and the true connotation of lei feng's spirit. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/14/my-collar-sent-irrelevant-news For a long time, we are used to describe a tall lei feng, a sacred lei feng, a person beyond the reach of lei feng. And published in succession in recent years some of the books tell us about lei feng, lei feng is a flesh and blood of everyman, he has happiness and sadness of the ordinary people, ordinary people's interests, there are also ordinary people in the world of mortals earthly desires. But this does not hinder us to lei feng's praise, such an ordinary person, but to make a lot of extraordinary things, this is the very amiable honorable lei feng. Lei feng's spirit, can have different interpretations in different times. Such as selfless, dedicated in today can understand wuxi, a professional quality; Screw spirit, is a team player, good communication and cooperation skills... Lei feng's spirit of the people who help others, in the view of modern society, is a kind of public spirit, a spirit of the volunteers.



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