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Public security departments investigated

Public security departments investigated criminal investigation powers, not asking minors, but asking should pay attention to strategy , the bottom line should be observed , first , there must be a suitable guardian . Second, under the watchful eyes of the school can not , if you have to ask at the school , there should be teachers, principals and other temporary guardian ; Third , inquiry should pay attention to tone, inquiry should be noted confidential. Insiders suggested that law enforcement officers must ask minors , MBT Shoes but also through teacher relayed that unnecessary face to face inquiries. Or casual clothing to avoid direct impact of children affected by heart . These suggestions are feasible for other police encounter similar things provide a useful reference .In the micro-Bo, nearly 8 percent of netizens expressed support for the president 's approach . Education is about learning education is education about human nature , whether principals or teachers , should always put the child in mind and heart care of children, respect for the child . People blitz that principals, principals are agree with this approach , like this , Hu Du Zi principals, wish some more. 30 years after waking up , gas is not a private entrepreneur ?



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