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Public funds spending public funds

Last year, Premier Jiabao has instructed the Ministry of Finance , Development and Reform Commission , the National Authority , the Ministry of Supervision and other departments to study appropriate measures to govern official reception among existing waste.
Public funds spending public funds , in fact, is a very http://www.eaglecrestsite.com/ common very real problem , Christian Louboutin from Louboutin to the provinces as well as the county towns, large and small hotels especially those luxurious hotel , are generally open to the officials , whether it is spending public funds or enterprises pay, eat and drink entertainment to officials at all levels based. If officials have lived a tube sheets invisible mouth , more than half had to close the closure of luxury hotels .
Public funds spending public funds spent in the end how many billions ? Since the Government did not know that civil society is smoke and mirrors . August 2006 , lookout magazine Disclosure: State Information Center forecasts trends in macroeconomic policy research group cited figures for 2004 National public funds 370 billion yuan . In addition, the figures show that , when the Three consumption , in addition to public funds , bus consumption 398.6 billion , of public funds outbound tourism consumption 240 billion yuan .
In the same year , the Central Party School , Study Times published an article said that Christian Louboutin's bus consumption and the total number of public funds of up to 600 billion yuan a year or more. Where the bus one , in 2004 the National Statistics least Bus 4000000 , Bus consumer http://www.wildernesscampingguide.com/ financial resources 408.5 billion yuan , while the country 's public funds in a year more than 200 billion yuan . Two sets of figures vary from year to year , so it was not exactly the same, but you can certainly waste amazing .
Public funds for public consumption exactly how deep the water , people do not have the specific numbers and frustration. In fact, a large part of expenditure are officials out to eat and drink or eat and drink in the name of embezzlement , and in Louboutin and some provincial cities , easily tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of officials of the feast are among the cups consumed the joy out, in part by financial support columns , included as part of the cost of doing business , most Lowell smile center characteristics is that all spending public funds , including prostitution gambling mistress can order meals in the name of reimbursement .



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