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Perhaps in order to correct

Perhaps in order to correct , or is overkill , the current car models than the chest big belly is almost not seen , it touches the chest than a Madden . Although we can not say that it represents a large chest of great wisdom , but in this session of the show , definitely not the car models chest big hooks to hang with no brains . Whether it is the temptation deep V , or the punch has caused the body, or the charming eyes , no not the interpretation of the different car models and their endorsement of the car to be a different kind of style. ( All pictures are from the network ) in my early 20s when his girlfriend secretly living together. Cohabitation two years, and feelings have been lukewarm , amounting to less than a degree to get married . Is probably too early to experience nature 's sake , with no mystery between us. Later, between us slowly alienated , just stay the siege and the people inside who feel the same . Especially with prolonged cohabitation time girlfriend askew overbearing personality temper is getting exposed. Quick to anger angry home gradually became a powder keg , touched on the explosion. I do not want to go back more and more . Eve of Spring Festival this year , we have something for the New Year to someone leaving broke . Finally, return to their respective homes . Spring has not yet been finished, she called to say , ask us to break up. In fact I have considered this question countless times , but think we are so in love , after all , and now about to enter the run-in period is often said , so Renren no problem . Did not think she was made a break . Everything is very simple process to an end. We returned the rented house , then packed their own luggage , there is no point to retain both meaning , so the end of two years of cohabitation. Less than two weeks after the separation time , I felt very relaxed in time, I did not expect a familiar call comes in , is she ! As I hesitated , she anomaly clearly told me that she was pregnant and asked me how to do ?



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