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Peking man leave the world a warm

According to your meaning, the hardware facilities of the role, in fact, much more than we think cuhk? : we can't light from appearance to understand the hardware construction of the city. Light has hardware, of course not, but you don't improve infrastructure, also not line. Look from the history of western cities, the birth of the modern city, the development and transformation, cannot leave the traffic hub, information, logistics, public places such as the improvement of the underlying hardware. The hardware construction of the virtuous cycle, will gradually become an organic part of the city, enhance the overall function of the city, increase the convenience and service. Is this the development of modern city purpose? Further, some of these look soft civilization accomplishment, are also associated with the improvement of the hardware. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/09/there-no-such-scale-accumulation Such as much trash, throw anywhere is less. Many times some habit is to map a convenient. As elegant, such as the airport is generally better than the railway station. Louis Vuitton Belt south railway station renovation now have to look brand-new, walk into so neat, beautiful modern places, you will be embarrassed like spitting. It was considered the look on his face, I'm afraid to advocate civilized manners of words, more are also few people listen. And large-scale changes in Louis Vuitton Belt's shopping environment, service system better, convenient people's needs. In general, hardware upgrades, can from the space feeling, stress and to the person, pull the sense of pride. A city must have a standard, the standard of ascension, the material level of ascension, and can drive the habit of change, the ascension of civilization. Gong Dan rhyme: during the Olympics, Peking man leave the world a warm and hospitable, friendly image of civilization. Thought turned soft issues - literacy, now has been greatly ascend, Louis Vuitton Belt took what nostrum? :



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