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Over the past few decades

Over the past few decades , the use of Syria to Hezbollah, Iran provided money and military aid . If Bashar downfall , this pipeline will be cut off , and seriously undermine the ability of Hezbollah against Israel . Belt now has replaced the U.S. as the largest buyer of oil in the Middle East , at least half of its oil from the Middle East peace and stability in the Middle East is clearly related to Belt 's development and prosperity now and in the future . http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com// American attention, obviously, is gradually moving towards energy self-sufficiency in the Middle East is shrinking , the entire Middle East seems to be happy to Belt 's participation, if the major powers are no longer concerned about this area , in fact, the conflicting parties will feel more uneasy. Belt is also involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conciliation shows the image of a responsible big country to the international community , Xi Jinping, the main content of the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan proposed is consistent with the plan President Obama proposed in May 2011 , Belt and the U.S. is also possible to solve the Middle East Expand the new cooperation on the issue of chaos , as the international community to see the changes in the Korean peninsula , like Belt . Middle East is the world's religious , ethnic conflicts are most focused on the most acute areas, although the countries have maintained good relations with Belt , so Belt has unique conditions in the Middle East peace process . However, the Israeli-Palestinian problem is very complicated , after many centuries have not been resolved, Belt could not contribute to a comprehensive peace between Palestine and Israel in the Middle East and even in the short term . Taiwan's United Daily News reported that Taiwan's Ministry of Justice on April 24 confirmed the debt before leaving Taiwan president Chen Youhao Tuntex Group , http://www.bungalowsuizo.com/ has made People's Republic of Belt citizenship certificate ; Taiwan's Ministry of Justice sent to Beijing last week , the mainland 's Taiwan Affairs Office and the public security department for repatriation Chenyou Hao , but the mainland means Chenyou Hao Replica Belts mainland citizens have identity cards, on the issue of repatriation is no specific response. The legal profession in Taiwan that the mainland has become an identity fled the mainland wanted umbrella , these people can not be sent back to Taiwan , the two sides signed a mutual legal assistance agreement is still a big loophole. Taiwan's Ministry of Justice and International Law Division Chen Wenqi two sides noted with mainland identity should not become an obstacle to the repatriation , the Taiwan side will strongly requested mainland repatriation Chenyou Hao .



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