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Orient Paper in the investigation

Orient Paper in the investigation , the muddy water found dilapidated factories , machinery and equipment is an old 1990s equipment, office humid environment, does not meet the conditions for the production of paper mills . That the inventory is basically a bunch of paper, exclaimed : If this pile of waste paper value $ 4.9 million , and that this world is definitely better than I thought it would be much more affluent .
Christian Louboutin high-speed channel in the survey , the muddy water more than 50 vehicles inspected the bus terminal advertising player , and found that drivers have built-in DVD player programs, high-speed channel -to-end control over the weak. Investigation of Duoyuan Global Water , I saw one of the office -existent, there is no working state employees , dubbed adult creche .
Muddy Waters research methods just normal due diligence, minimal use of complex valuation model to determine a company's value ; however, the easiest way is often the most effective way to harvest survey is far greater than the office data processing. They work very detailed, occasionally using some opportunistic way to get real information - such as counterfeit and fraudulent listed company potential customers trust.
So many cases do down the muddy water basically summed up the Louboutin Shoes concept stocks some rules of fraud , including the creation of shell companies , to be false contracts , open false invoices , etc. The purpose is inflated assets and profits , waiting emptied listed companies. These have become the focus of muddy water has also become an important basis for evidence . As muddy water research system covering the full range of the object under investigation , if you want to completely deceived the past, that have to do all aspects involved in the planning, which includes not only numerous public information are made consistent , they have , and all customers, suppliers are all good confession , had to carry the industry and commerce, taxation, customs and other government departments laps in. So fake , extremely costly , definitely better than to be a real company to make money more easily .



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