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Opponents of the main reasons are

Opponents of the main reasons are: the earthquake was misappropriated donations Hong Kong , Hong Kong people were forcibly removed aided primary schools built commercial plaza , etc. , more audience said: Relief is also the maintenance of stability , stability maintenance funds points out , more than 10 Hong Kong Donation also many. When the 2005 tsunami in South Asia , the Hong Kong civil society has raised HK $ 700 million in a short time donations , http://www.denversindicate.com/ more than HK $ 100 per capita , Hong Kong won the world's most generous city reputation. 98 years and floods donated 680 million Hong Kong , Taiwan donated 180 million . When the earthquake in 2008 , Hong Kong has donated 6.35 billion Hong Kong dollars , private donations amounting to HK $ 13 billion . Taiwan donated 450 million , folk 1.52 billion . But the latest survey shows that Hong Kong people to have such a direct donation Heart doubts, and even that country a year is squandered trillions of public funds , a catastrophic disaster before , why not save public funds to rescue the victims point ? It is undeniable that some officials often use the opportunity of the local natural disasters , http://www.denversindicate.com/replica-gucci/replica-gucci-belts.html much needed relief supplies to victims and reconstruction funds , once large sums of money to hand relief , relief funds is not the main purpose for the relief of the victims , but to the so-called investment performance engineering : from the building , engage real estate, on prestige projects , creating Belt, even repair bridges and roads , but also just to collect tolls . As for people's homes, children's schools , it can fool fool passed. January 2011 , Economic Information Daily has been revealed by local officials in Gansu Province , one of the hardest hit by the earthquake that year , more than 80 million unauthorized interception Assistance Fund industry in the county called dynamic lighting project vigorously , yet stricken houses built dangerous , http://www.denversindicate.com/replica-hermes/replica-hermes-belts.html resulting in some long-term victims live in a makeshift tent , struggling to survive. Reported that the new phenomenon of Wen County resettlement housing victims of widespread cracks , some load-bearing beams have been broken, had to use angle iron reinforcement, there are many no pouring sand and concrete between the bricks ; some houses no kitchen interior design , the villagers can only cook outdoors in winter ; there are some points to be completed uncompleted reconstruction projects after the completion of the roof beams and no tiles , causing many victims can not stay, can cook in the cold rice, sleep in the snow . http://www.denversindicate.com/replica-lv/replica-louis-vuitton-belts.html And with this in stark contrast to the lighting project completed after midnight Wenxian county , all street lights, all the buildings are within the city of neon lights , just like a city that never sleeps .



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