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only given yellow prosecutors removed

Curated in Hermes Belt traditional concept, is an act of extreme moral corruption, make this kind of thing, should be on tap Zha. But in modern society, people have different comment on this kind of thing - stage -- is just common things, love can't say what serious moral problems. http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/index.html Don't say not married, if married and divorced, also is not shameful, not illegal. As for how to make up for the loss of victim party after break up, both parties can negotiate, negotiation can also resort to the law. In a word, this kind of matter and the duty behavior of the parties. This idea makes sense, but have to say, these views are likely to be misled by the title party. Media in reporting the news or reproduced, the title is more prosecutors to marry a rich girl abandoned old love be removed - that in itself constitute a sufficient to cause public opinion trial topic: discard the fired reasonable and lawful? And yellow prosecutors did not discard the so simple. Prosecutors, in this case the yellow with the old love of wedlock, is more serious than his cast, and new problems. Moral sense, gave birth to break up with someone, and unusual context as much of a change of heart; Legal sense, have suspected of violating family planning laws and regulations. Article 53 of the civil servant law stipulates that civil servants shall not commit any violation of social morality. Social morality is a general concept, yellow curated prosecutor's affirmation in personal morals have losses, but do not belong to the ethics problems, open to question. But the administrative regulations on the civil servant disciplinary expressly prescribed by article 33: in violation of the provisions of overruns, given the demotion or removed sanctions; If the circumstances are serious, be dismissed. This is concerned, only given yellow prosecutors removed sanctions can't be wrong. Overruns have some puzzling. My friend to consult a lawyer, he said overruns birth not only include super to living, also including single parenthood and birth outside of marriage, this concept is mainly suitable for civil servants, violation of family planning laws and regulations;



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