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Obama said that in the UN general

Russian aggression in Europe, let a person remember the past big bully bully the small and the behavior of the occupied territory, while Russia in Ukraine did order about the world after the second world war and the challenge. October 15, Russian prime minister dmitry medvedev to comment, said Mr Obama as a bit queer, according to reset u.s.-russian relations completely impossible. In u.s.-russian relations during the first Russian President putin a slump, Mr Obama will reset u.s.-russian relations as with under the leadership of President dmitry medvedev, Russia diplomatic priority, and positive response by medvedev himself, although has twists and turns, the difficulties, but after all, a strong start time, today, given that the United States in Russia intervention and invasion of Ukraine got tough sanctions policy, all had moderate medvedev vowed to return to normal, even return to the origin. Dmitry medvedev, made the comments from his home position is understandable, after all strong putin won the strong support of public opinion, the support rate fall sharply after running for President again because of many things, including Ukraine crisis performance, received a significant boost, as long as it is ambitious leaders, cannot ignore this reality, in politics and its echo, foreign hard-line attitude. However, his comments about the mental disorders, and attack the United States intervention, from a global and far-reaching in view of the human development



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