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not reveal any provincial or ministerial

Central Organization Conclusion : not reveal any provincial or ministerial level posts , Liu Tienan either during the last century, Economic Counsellor Embassy in Japan the 1990s, Japanese Erotic included breach of discipline , http://www.y-sharing.com/hermes/replica-hermes-belts/ and by the economic and business grounds to fool around the red light district , after the warning demerit punishment. December 2006 , Liu , deputy director of the State Council to revitalize ( vice- ministerial level ) leadership to do the Northeast , was a leader in the nomination , saying , Liu Tienan young, energetic, pioneering spirit . The most incredible is that 2008 Liu Tienan the end of January the Central Organization Department of the audit report concluded that : This man style, quality, professional unfitness provincial departmental level cadres . but the fact is that Liu Tienan has been reused and sick promoted . 15, in Hong Kong , there are a number of groups and parties not named in the hundreds of people march from Chater Garden to the U.S. Consulate General in solidarity with Snowden . 15, the words protection Snowden In Hong Kong, the marchers carried umbrellas NSA shame and so forth . After several days of silence , http://www.y-sharing.com/louis_vuitton/replica-louis-vuitton-belts/ the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying June 15 incident on Snowdon issued a vague statement , the statement said: On the issue of Mr. Snowden , when relevant mechanisms start , Hong Kong SAR Government will laws and established procedures Meanwhile , the SAR Government will follow up the matter of privacy or other rights of any entity in Hong Kong or Hong Kong people have been violated , Mr Jasper is also the Chairman of the Hong Kong Legislative Council in London boasted : Snowden still have access to freedom in Hong Kong , the SAR government has no right to interfere , no right to prevent him out of Hong Kong . http://www.y-sharing.com/gucci/replica-gucci-belts/ HKSAR Legislative Council House Committee decided on the 19th , the Government proposed the adjournment debate on the urgent question and Snowdon events. Even legislators proposed should find Snowden attend relevant meetings , http://www.y-sharing.com/replica-belts-online-sale/ decided to approach the event. Due to the complexity of Snowdon event background , I believe the Government is difficult to independently solve . June 15 , Hong Kong, multiple groups and parties not named in the march to the U.S. Consulate and the Government Secretariat , the media said the number of people reaching up to 900 people .



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